- Oily Waste discharge

- Slop/Sludge

- Fresh water supply

- Dry cargo transport

- Underwater Inspections and repair support

- Tug service


Our priority at Subworks Panama is to protect the staff involved and the environment at any level of risk. We developed Security and Emergency Plans, meticulously elaborated considering all International Regulations.

Subworks Panama not only complies with all international safety requirements, but continually updates their security measures to offer high standard services.

Main Measurements:

Lenght: 26.91 mts
Breadth: 7.32 mts
Depth: 3.56 mts
Twister - Tonnage:
Gross: 80.00
Net: 24.00

Twister II
Lenght: 33.50 mts
Breadth: 7.62 mts
Depth: 3.23 mts
Twister II - Tonnage:
Gross: 98.00
Net: 66.00