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Throughout all these years, we have offered our services with professionalism, efficiency and a high responsibility grade, earning a long list of satisfied customers from all around the world, and advancing the company to the level of elevated expertise and international quality standards.

Subworks Panama is included among the certified reception facilities for waste management listed by the Panama Canal Autorithy (ACP) and the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP):

Main Measurements:

Twister Twister III Miss Angela
Lenght: 26.91 mts Lenght: 33.73 mts Lenght: 33.73 mts
Breadth: 7.32 mts Breadth: 7.88 mts Breadth: 7.88 mts
Depth: 3.56 mts Depth: 2.72 mts Depth: 2.72 mts
Ton. Gross: 80.00 Ton. Gross: 88.00 Ton. Gross: 88.00
Ton. Net: 24.00 Ton. Net: 60.00 Ton. Net: 60.00